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Hi everyone! My name is Megan and my dog, Blu, is the inspiration of our company. I wanted a brand that was something special to me, and Blu is the most special part of my life. She is the embodiment of love, and everything good, so I created BLUTHREADS and co. with her in mind. We are so excited to share with you all the big things that are coming soon :)

I also wanted to include a lil bit about Blu because, why not?  She is a two year old Bernaussie (half Bernese mountain dog, half Australian Shepard) who loves to cuddle, go on long walks on Michigan State's campus (mostly for the squirrels), and to play fetch. She can be a bit shy at first, but has the biggest heart (especially for her people).

Blu is the best thing to ever happen to me and I hope you all love her just as much as I do and thank you for all of the support so that we can continue doing what we love.



megan and blu <3

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