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Behind the Brand


Welcome to Bluthreads and co., where every stitch tells a story, and the past meets the present in the most beautiful way.

I'm Megan, the founder and creative mind behind the brand.

Bluthreads and co. isn't just a clothing brand; it's a labor of love born out of cherished memories and the desire to keep them alive. Named after my emotional support dog, Blu, this business is my tribute to two of the most influential figures in my life—my grandmother and grandfather. Losing them a few years ago left a void in my heart, and Bluthreads became my way of staying connected to their legacy.

Every embroidered piece you find here carries a piece of their memory, infused with the warmth and nostalgia of days gone by. It's my hope that each item not only brings you joy but also sparks fond memories of your own.

So take a stroll through our collection, and find something that speaks to your soul. 

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